How To Use Site Merlin Bird Photo ID

To be able to use it, simply upload a photo of birds to the site of merlin., after which the user must the selection box-shaped area in the main image area then like bird tail, beak and eyes. After that the user is required to provide detailed information on where the photos were taken and when the photo was taken.
How To Use Site Merlin Bird Photo ID

How To Use Site Merlin Bird Photo ID

After all the needed information has been filled in, then the site will quickly find, analyze, and the reshuffling as well as perform comparison with the photographs taken by other users of the database which includes 70 million photos in and trying to find some that fit. After the process is finished then the site will display the results of the search.

A Professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech as one of these technology researchers say that technology in Merlin’s Bird Photo ID will be able to identify images with a more efficient and faster than humans. This site will organize, index and match with a variety of visual information in the form of color and shape.

Merlin Bird Photo ID will display it results into the search results and has three accuracy data acquisition up to 90 percent. So the result of Merlin Bird Photo ID could not be underestimated, because the information is based on data – data already in compare to such an extent.

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Other Interesting Stuff

That pulled it back from this technology is an innovation AI machine learning which carries with it so the more users often use it, then this site identification capabilities will also be increasing. As a further development, the researchers were menagaskan that the future of this technology will be present for mobile platforms in the form of the application, and will be available on the Android and iOs operating #sistem.

Application Of Modern Country Work Phone


The chat application is now indeed being reached a high level of popularity. A number of the leading chat #aplikasi vying serves the best features to support the activity of the chat so much fun. Not a little chat applications also rely on features of emoticons or sticker funny of the much loved by its users.

Although the chat application is indeed developing rapidly, but the need for a practical phone feature continues to be an option for some users #smartphone. Because communication via phone where do more practical and is not a waste of time rather than having to wait for a reply to chat in a relatively long time.

Effected by the need for the phone finally Bakrie Telecon application launches EsiaTalk, a phone application that is ready to compete with a number of popular chat applications in Indonesia.

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