Romantic and Funny Love pantun Harleys Latest 2015

Your Love Cute-Seducing someone not wearing forever romantic words, you can try your love cute romantic that I’ll give it this time. With your love the funny then it can make the atmosphere relaxed, fluid and can even make your boyfriend laugh. When the boyfriend laughed that then you will get value plus from him that you are a person who is humorous and clever seduction. But if you want to make your own make sure you know the characteristics of your true poetic i.e. a-b-a-b or a-a-a-a. In addition you should not insert dirty words in your boyfriend is because your will surely feel ilfil and will even upset.
Romantic and Funny Love pantun Harleys Latest 2015
Besides giving your love cute you can also give the words of romantic love in order to make your relationship the more closely. Constructing the pantun love indeed is not easy, but now you don’t need to be giddy because this time I want to give lots of cute romantic love pantun which you can choose. Just the following collection of your love cute and Harleys.

There are people in Maluku jitak
Dijitak the same person Batak
As long as my heart still beats
My love will not melt lantak

in the bouncy-bouncy.
Yesterday I was in soothsaying,
her soul mate is the same brother.

the car hit srempet.
Sweet, neng
Mau dong dipepet.

The name outlaws,
Police were so inceran.
Bored so temen vent,
courting wants.

Nembak ducks,
direct hit.
You are beautiful,
Hey Lady!

Delay is hungry,
eating indomi.
Heart flounder,
cintapun blossomed.

Belo, eyes
ALA comedians.
I’m in the same band,
jadian wants.

Ngondek, artist
senyumannya anesthetized.
GA short problem,
important you religious.

Buy sticky rice,
buy fabric songket.
I’ve let the former,
We tetep sticky.

Go sightseeing,
11 should be back.
GA there is regret,
you are the best.

Eat watermelon,
packed kedondong.
If like,
nyatain dong.

Sitting anteng,
nungguin baking dish.
Handsome brother,
Mau dong rocked.

Shoulder length cut,
biar ga wistful.
You know?
I miss.

Neng tetep in love,
even brother keteknya asem.

on pake batik.
create beautiful neng.

Cut nails,
My heart is frozen,
the sudden ngondek brother.

Sembrani horse,
an ongoing firm.
If bold,
nyatain dong right now.

Again the controversy
entertained Upin Ipin.
What if
We Pin tukeran?

GA have the establishment,
make a heart.
GA alone,
bobo wants same you.

Don’t ask,
when graduating from college.
GA dapet his son,
her mother be lah.

Genting, fractions
under the seat.
Welcome meeting,
because the sexy boss.

Lohan, fish
on top of the furnace.
Rather than sit jauhan,
pangku brother better.

Friday Night,
the devil on to drop by.
Rinduku kumat,
during the last ga meeting.

To the salon cream bath,
Let the blood flow smoothly.
Bosen ah friend,
so wants a girlfriend!

Panasin butter,
Since it started freezing.
You want ga,
so imamku?

Ubek-ubek crate,
search for scissors.
I was so in love are dead,
neng willingly bunting.

Squeeze the coconut milk,
on the edge of time.
Nelpon ex?
Be lah skali-times.

Lay down on a stretcher,
many hours.
Heart NE,
hard eyes memejam.

Make a child,
in my little corner of the school.
If you want delicious,
marriage used to be one.

There are brondong,
his leg smooth.
Abang longish,
Mau dong dielus.

Halve duren,
in the room.
Cool brother,
Mau dong in lamar!

Lay down on a stretcher,
in the middle of the village.
I missed,
When dong in sun

Kayang exercises,
above the dining table.
Your smile dear,
truly thrilling.

Preferably sleeping in the crib,
than in the Chair.
Let me rich Board,
According to me you sexy.

Shovel in the elbow,
I was so upset.
For me,
You specials.

Now please select your love is funny that you think fits given to boyfriends or others who again appealed. You can give it in various ways, it could be via sms, bbm, facebook, or other media. However if you had enough guts please ucapankan Limerick above directly. The first for information this time, may be useful. Thank you have been visiting, don’t forget in share Yes, hehe.

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