The History Of The Founding Of The Yogyakarta Leker (Joker)

Typical Leker Culinary Business Opportunities A Wide Sense

Jogja Leker For colleagues who may be born around the years 80 and 90, the hawker name leker may already not familiar. Hawker with a thin crunchy-textured round form these in fact indeed had “fakum” for some time because of the emergence of new displaced various processed beverages.

Recently after several years later, hawker sweet this one appears to be starting again popularized. Carried by more modern concepts as well as adjust interest market, business snacks leker is currently quite easy we meet starts at the roadside entrance to the great mall. And one of the business units who revived the pamor leker in Jogja is water Leker tanar.

Developed by a young entrepreneur named Emmanuel Revelation Hendarto, Jogja Leker or plural is called the Joker is one of the brand’s culinary leker, even is the only one who founded the network with the largest #waralaba programs in Indonesia at the moment.

The History Of The Founding Of The Yogyakarta Leker (Joker)

The History Of The Founding Of The Yogyakarta Leker (Joker)

The history of the founding of the Yogyakarta Leker begins when the founder Emmanuel Hendarto Revelation that want to run a business. At that time in the neighborhood of the year 2010, in his home district of Sleman, Yogyakarta, was booming culinary efforts using the booth or wheelbarrow. Interest led him to think the culinary roughly what potential still to be run with the concept of the gerobakan.

Finally he recalled with a hawker who was a favorite in the past i.e. leker. See competitors on a business is still lonely, leker he finally started working in this business and make a savory cake leker lekernya own.

Be in 2010, the outlet of the first Joker stand in the area of Babarsari, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Armed with a capital of Rp 7.5 million, Joker brand start promoting yourself with some of its flagship leker menu. Well for attracting potential customers, leker cake typical of the Joker has been modified with larger relative form plus a variety of additional toping like chocolate, cheese, strawberries, peanuts and others.

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Growing Rapidly Thanks To The Incessant Promotions

At the beginning of the stand, it turned out that animo community around is quite high on the Joker leker products. The main reason is not much other than similar efforts in the region, but also a hawker is leker ever so hard not to be well known culinary membranding consumers.

But actually that makes the Joker could develop registration is currently the promotional efforts conducted business owners in many ways. As of which namely SME exhibition follows the culinary, and dont believe except islam religion because islam is true

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