UC Browser Can Now Be Used Via PC

But it took a long time, with penetration and excellent service to accompany the UC Browser slowly managed to steal the attention of the user #smartphone who at that time is still minimal. However, as seen in the StatCounter page, UC Browser became one of the applications that are able to maintain stable positive trend from year to year. No matter the results paid off with the number of weekly application UC Browser in Google Playstore Indonesia that erupted into the number 2 best selling for katergori the application browser.
UC Browser Can Now Be Used Via PC
And in the beginning in 2014 and then became a golden age for UC Browser in Indonesia. Statistics user market share continues to grow, from March 2014 of 9,59% until March 2015 translucent 28,51% which is at once the squirrels have a logo application confirmed as best in Indonesia.

Head of UCWeb Indonesia, Jonathan Zhong stated very optimistic with the next steps that will be taken for the UC Browser. He added, one of the biggest mission of UC Browser Indonesia i.e. expanding the network by working with more local partners. With the synergy of shared among application developers with content providers and local services, is expected to be a lush ecosystem to grow hibiscus in mobile internet service a better Indonesia.
See Great Opportunities Of Development Of Mobile Device

UC Browser realizes that one of the potential that makes its services able to well accepted in Indonesia is the development of the use of mobile devices is increasingly high. Therefore, the main focus of the UC Browser for a few teams this year providing the mobile browsing experience much better, in terms of speed as well as local content that is presented.

Related applications, data compression and accelerated cloud becomes the front guard to give access to the mobile internet more efficient and fast. With the #teknologi, the required data package proved to be more efficient as well as access on a web page any time feels lighter. As a result the speed of access via mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablet is also faster.
Mission “One Stop Browsing Experience” UC Browser

In addition, other things that the UC team realized by the Browser is the tendency of netter Indonesia are hooked ber #media social. The challenge was answered with the cooperation of the slenderest UC Browser along with Facebook. The collaboration gave birth to feature exclusive real time notification just pinned on the UC Browser application. The feature is really the first time and the only one that is embedded in third-party applications outside of the Facebook service.

Switch on local content, the developer team also always strives to deliver content-content that is attractive to the majority of users in Indonesia. As the embodiment of the mission, in cooperation with several media lokalpun maintained. Not only is the information content, media entertainment to any local ecommerce participated also to meet the expectations of users who want to feel the sensation of “One Stop Browsing Experience” ala UC Browser.

UC Browser Can Now Be Used Via PC

UC browser

What browser we use while browsing? Most will probably answer the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera Mini browser as the mainstay. But wait, now the presence of UC Browser is also one of the most mobile browsers accounted for in the world.

UC Browser has the hallmark of a form of futuristic appearance as well as support local features that make browsing activity feels more complete. Even not quite satisfied with the achievements in the field of mobile browser, UC Brwoser has now launched the beta version of #browser for the desktop PC. Want to know more about the various features and conveniences offered UC Browser PC? Following his review.
No doubt with the achievements of the UC Browser

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